A simple and robust time tracking app to help you stay on the same page with your team while working from home.
Quwi is an easy project management system. It is super fast, easy and hassle-free
See What Your Remote Workers Do
Save Your Money
Workers frequently waste their work time in social networks, if they know the app makes a screenshot every minute. This way you’ll save money by not paying for time they spend not working.
Increase Performance of Workers
According to our research, workers with Quwi screenshot module turned on do not switch to social networks, because they know an app will see it. This results that they do not switch between tasks, stay focused and do more in one day.
Look What They Do Now
Just like a manager who physically is present in the office and can take a look what a worker does at any moment, you have an option to make a screenshot at any time.
Timelapse Videos
At the end of the day, Quwi generates video timelapse from all worker’s screenshots. This way you can quickly go through worker’s day and see everything in one minute. Play, pause, rewind or enlarge any captured frame.
Screenshots Attached to a Ticket
Don’t want to browse all day or you want to see screenshots of only one ticket. You can do that right in the ticket. For example: if a worker worked for several days on different tasks with other systems it will be almost impossible to divide them and see only screenshots of the task you need. With Quwi you can do that in one click.
Automatic Worktime Tracking
When coder starts the tracking, app will assign it to corresponding ticket. This way you will see both total time spent and time spent on every ticket separately.

This way you and your worker can measure what tasks they do effectively and what’ not.
Timewaster Protection
If a worker doesn’t do anything for 5 minutes, the app will stop the timer and subtract these 5 minutes from paid worktime.
Privacy Protection
App will never make screenshots if a worker hasn’t started the timer or gave no permission to record own screen and keyboard / mouse activity.

Worker can delete any screenshot made by app. Worktime, attached to that screenshot, will be deleted also.
Free, But Advanced
We created Quwi for ourselves
We created Quwi for ourselves, to replace other systems our team was using to manage our projects and monitor workers. So, we built it because we needed something quick and easy to use, but powerful enough to manage a big team and a serious project.

The final result was so good that we decided to make it available to other people. It’s a project that comes from our soul, our joy, and our sense of fun, which is why we are not looking to rob our customers with high prices.

The free version of Quwi has everything you need to control your project. Paid plans have been created just to cover our expenses from your activity on Quwi. Enjoy!
Full-featured chats
Your own, synchronized chat
Our chat app is better that some chat-only apps, so you won’t have to use a separate chat app to instant message your workers. There’s no point in wasting your time to describe them all, because all these most-used features from other chat apps are already integrated in Quwi chat, on the web, desktop and Android versions. 
Create a ticket from chat messages
Frequently, a task comes to light from a discussion in the chat. After that, you have to copy /
paste the entire dialog into a new task. This takes time and effort, and the result is
unformatted. If you forget to create a ticket from that, a good idea could get lost in chat
history. In Quwi, you can select messages in the chat and create a task out of them.
Immediate response tickets
All tickets have a “user is typing” function. This way, you can communicate with your workers in the tickets, just as if you were talking to them in the chat. This guarantees that all communication is super fast, like in most messengers, but still is saved in the ticket.
Online status / Is working status
Every worker has a marker that shows what they are doing right now: offline / online or
working. This way, you can instantly see a snapshot of what’s going on in your company.
Honest billing
No per-user or per-project cost
Unlike our competitors, we are not greedy. We won’t bill you for every worker or every new
project you create. All plans, even the free one, have unlimited users and projects included.
Low prices that do not jump up every day
Our most expensive plan, where you can do almost anything with unlimited users and
unlimited projects, is only 79 per month. On other systems, you’d pay this for 7 users and
highly limited functionality.
Creating and responding to tickets
Easy Editor
We made our own editor to enable many useful features that others never bother about. We
were surprised to see that nobody cares about features everybody needs.
Fast ticket creation
Other systems have bureaucratic procedures to create tasks for workers. You have to fill in
tons of fields, like subject, category, priority, assignees, deadlines and other useless stuff. In
Quwi, you can just write a couple of words, and a task will be created. Later, if you wish, you
can set all the other parameters, but if you need to create a quick task for your workers, you
can do that in no time.
Autosave and Drafts
Don’t worry if your computer loses its power. Quwi saves a draft of your ticket, and you can
get back to it and continue anytime you need. Even if you started more than one ticket, Quwi
will save numerous drafts in corresponding projects. Nothing can be lost.
Use CTRL + Enter to send a message in the chat or to create a ticket. This is a super-useful
combination for desktop users, and it is also easily reconfigurable.
Responses and commenting inside tickets
Much of the time, your workers will ask numerous questions that are related to different parts
of your task. In Quwi, they can highlight any paragraph and ask a question. It will appear
right there, and you’ll be able to respond there, too. This way, the entire question-answer
dialog will be logically present inside the ticket, allowing you to have an organized structure
of every ticket. You’ll easily understand what was discussed, even a year later.
Paste Images Directly from Clipboard
Both in the chat and tickets, you can just paste images from the clipboard to insert them into
the ticket. In addition, you can add captions to them or apply some basic editing.
You can easily add a video to the ticket, and it will autoplay without sound in the ticket, with
an option to play it normally with pause and rewind.
Voice Recognition
If you don’t like to type, just verbally spell out what you need to get done, Quwi will recognize
your speech and create a ticket, with both an audio recording and a transcript.
Inline view of DOCX and PDF files
In other pm systems, you’d have to download and run doc files in order to view them. In
Quwi, you have the option to just open them online, without the hassle of downloading
Screenshots and Videos
Integrated screenshot app
Inside Quwi, we’ve built a module that creates screenshots within the desktop app. This app
is much better and more useful than most screenshot-only apps on the market. It has many
unique features and unique ways to use it. Normally, you’d have to pay for such a good
screenshot app, but with Quwi, you’ll get it for free, just as an addition.
Integrated video recording app
In addition to the screenshot app, you can record a video of your screen. Normally, you’d
have to pay for a good screencast app, but with Quwi you’ll get it for free, just as an addition
Android app
All Quwi features are available right in our mobile app. You can control your projects and
users, create tickets, and get notifications about new events. Messenger is also
pre-integrated in the app.
Desktop app
We’ve built an advanced app that works identically on Windows, Linux and MacOS. It allows
you to do everything you can do in the web interface. Workers also can use it to track their
worktime. Company owners can use it to create new tasks, get notifications, and use chat.
Own cloud and sharing
Quwi cloud
All your files are stored in your own cloud. Files are sorted by projects, and can be easily
found. You can upload files directly to your cloud, or to any ticket. In your cloud, you’ll be
able to sort them.
Quwi sharing
Quwi has several sharing options:
- you can share a ticket with others
- you can share your worker’s stats with any other team manager
- you can find workers inside your Quwi system and invite them to your project
- you can invite workers to a specific project with an invite link
- you can mass-add workers to your project by giving them a unique password to join your
company. This is very useful if you are hiring many people at once and don’t want to waste
you time with every separate registration.