Synchronized chat

Quwi has a website based online chat, where you will communicate with your co-workers right on Quwi.

In the chat you can find any registered Quwi user by username or id number. The chat will show the local time of your co-worker and the online (green), offline and working status (blue).

There are multiple features of the chat: you can set a personal setting for yourself, for example choose the notification by sound or email if you are not online, mute all channels for some time, hide the unread chats in the archive and show the sidebar.

It provides the opportunity to personalize the working process and raise the concentration on a working task.

As well as in ticket, you can upload photo, video and voice messages in the chat.

For convenience, feel free to download our desktop application. We have built an advanced app that works identically on Windows, Linux and MacOS. It allows you to do the same things you do in the web interface. The timetracker is also available there.