Time-tracker and screenshots

Quwi has a special time tracking app, which shows both mouse and keyboard activity of a worker. The app calculates your activity based on the time it's on. This counts the number of clicks and keystrokes per minute, as well as distance your mouse does due to work day and shows the total number of keystrokes per month.

Working in a company, you can see the level of activity you are doing among your colleagues. It is calculated every month from the first day, and is updated in the following month.

Also It will make screenshots of the monitor every minute, so you can see what your employees are doing during the working day. Our time tracker represents the movement of the mouse in a particular moment on the screenshot as well as what your employer is typing.

At the end of the day, Quwi generates video templates from all worker's screenshots. This way you can quickly go through all the time and see everything in one minute.

When the worker starts the tracking, the application will assign it to the corresponding ticket. This way you will see both total time spent and time spent on each ticket separately.

You can see which tasks your workers or you do effectively and which are not.

If a worker is doing nothing for 5 minutes, the time tracker will automatically stop the records and subtract these 5 minutes from the paid work time.

All these time tracker's features are extremely useful for company owners to see what your employees are doing during the working day, it also helps to not overpaid and waste your money for the time they are not working.

According to multiple research, working with the Quwi screenshot module increases the working performance!