Projects and tickets

Quwi proposes the fast and simple creation of both projects and tickets (tasks in a particular project). One company may consist of multiple related projects, which in turn are made up of many tickets.

Quwi has the fastest tasks and project creation, so you do not have to fill many fields about subject, category, assignees and deadlines. In Quwi it's very easy and quick, just write a couple words and tasks will be created. Later on you can add some details about deadlines, assignees and other settings.

When creating a ticket, you will briefly describe the task, upload images, video or voice messages to provide more details. You may set a priority from 1 to 8 points, tickets with the highest priority will always be on the first place on the projects.

Once the task is completed, your workers will mark that ticket as resolved or closed if you decided not to work on that task anymore. These tickets will be sorted in the company, so you can always find the task you worked on a long time ago.

Quwi has no per project and user billing, you can create many different tasks for employees to work on. Quwi has no limit on tasks and project creation, so feel confident and work with a large number of projects in Quwi. It is absolutely free for workers in the company.

Much of the time, your workers will ask numerous questions that are related to different parts of the task. In Quwi they can highlight any paragraph and add a text or question. And you will be able to respond there too. This way the entire question-answer dialog will be logically present inside the ticket, allowing you to have an organized structure of every task.

Do not worry if your computer loses its power, Quwi saves a draft of your ticket, and you can get back to it and continue anytime you need. Even if you started more than one ticket, Quwi will save numerous drafts in corresponding projects. Nothing will be lost!

When working with projects, if one is no longer relevant, you can delete that or hide from the sidebar. You also can change the position of projects in the company by dragging them on the sidebar.

You may invite a limitless amount of workers in the company and projects. Use the link for your project and share that with your co-workers.

Quwi proposes the best conditions for effective work for company owners and workers.

You will become part of a huge team in minutes, just register and start.